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Pets make you an Ultimate Authentic SuperStar! This fact should be no surprise to most people. Here are just a few of countless reasons why, if you can, get yourself a pet to love!

  • Pets and Animals add a richness and feeling of being connected in our lives. That love and connection is extremely important for emotional healing.
  • They also help us to communicate.  Let me explain.  If you can communicate with another being that doesn’t even use or speak the same language (except talking birds, of course), then eventually you can learn to apply this skill to using your senses and intuition to read the signs of what another animal is trying to communicate: the human!
  • How animals love unconditionally is a huge motivator to have them.
  • It’s healthy and life-affirming to have another living creature to take care of and nurture.

Even more reasons Pets are StarMakers:

  • It creates something in the brain that heals the emotions.  This remarkable emotional healing power has been studied for decades and proven to be a fact that the brain releases chemicals that heal us by interacting with animals.
  • Hospitals have successfully utilized the emotional stress relief power of pet therapy for years.
  • It has been proven by cardiologists that petting a dog or cat helps the heart.
  • I think it is because they open our heart center by allowing ourselves to feel love.
  • They also make us laugh!!  It has also been proven that laughter is like “medicine.”
  • Animals bring people together. For example, countless people have connected on Social Sites via their shared love for animals, and made many new close friends that way! Who knew?
  • Help out by rescuing some loving animals from the shelters.  These rescue animals often make the most loving, dependable, loyal pets of all.

I mean, how does it feel to be greeted at the door, EVERY time by a loving animal, excited to see you?  Dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, guinea pigs, fishes, chickies, furries of all kinds, even sometimes non-furry ones….it doesn’t matter as long as you take care of them, they will take care of you.  Viola! You are an automatic, authentic every day SuperStar!!


COMMENT & SHARE: Please share your successes, accomplishments, and experiences about how having a pet has helped you to become an authentic superstar in your own right.  Also comment below if you are excited about this idea, and wish to interact with others who are too.  We love to hear from you! 🙂

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Post Author: Stacie R. Cole

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